Patient Participation Group (PPG)

We have Patient Participation Steering Group with 4 patient members, to ensure the widest possible patient participation all interested patients are encouraged to register their interest in the wider on-line Patient Participation Group that acts as a reference group for the consideration of issues that need to be tackled and have been identified as priorities by the Steering Group

  • advances new ideas and proposals for the Steering Group to progress in discussion with practice partners and management

All you need to do to become involved is to let the Practice Manager  know you are interested - make sure he has your contact details. You will then:

  • be contacted automatically about all Open Meetings
  • be asked for your views on specific issues being considered by the Steering Group
  • be able to bring your ideas and concerns directly to the Steering Group for them to progress directly with practice partners and management

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Camden Patient and Participation Group (CPPEG) is a body composed of elected members of practices’ Patient Participation Groups and nominated members of a number of key health concern groups in Camden. Its role is to give advice and guidance to the Camden Clinical Group (Camden CCG) from a patient perspective, and to ensure that there is patient involvement at the beginning and during the processes undertaken by Camden CCG. 

The group meets once every four months at Fortune Green.